Rob is a member of both the Toronto Centre and the International Centre For Excellence in Emotion Focused Therapy.

EFT is a clinical proven, empirically validated model of relationship therapy.  

EFT is grounded in the principles of attachment science and uses non-pathologizing experiential and relational systems techniques to focus on and change core cycles of conflict in relationships.


The first step in assessing and treating sexual and erectile dysfunction is to visit your family physician to discuss your symptoms.

Your physician can determine if there are any medical conditions that may be impacting your sexual functioning and offer treatment as required.

Some conditions may directly cause difficulties with sexually functioning. Others may cause a host of medical issues that may more indirectly impair functioning.

Time for Change

Your treatment may include a variety of behavioural interventions that you may implement, either on your own or with partners, in between sessions to enhance your ability to improve your capacity to achieve the kind of sexual arousal and functioning you desire.

Change is possible.

It can be a difficult decision to seek treatment for sexual difficulties and it is important to seek treatment from an experienced, skilled and compassionate therapist. I welcome any questions you may have to support you to achieve better control.