Sex Therapy
for Couples

At some point in most relationships, couples experience sexual disconnect.


This might occur because of conflict in the relationship, illness, differences in sexual desire or due to some breach of trust. 

Reestablishing sexual intimacy can be a challenge.  It can bring about anxiety and feelings of uncertainty and confusion on how to begin to begin to rebuild a lost connection.

A qualified sex therapist like Rob can help you and your partner to develop strategies to manage challenging issues including:

• Difficulties with intercourse / penetrative sex

• Issues with low or inconsistent desire

• Problems with arousal and/or orgasm

• Pain associated with sex

• Low sexual desire

• Trust after betrayal

• Sexual trauma / abuse.

The Board of Examiners In Sex Therapy and Counselling in Ontario (BESTCO) ensures a high standard of clinical excellence in sex therapy in Ontario. 

By choosing a BESTCO Certified Sex Therapist like Rob, you can be certain that your therapist has demonstrated competencies in treating a range of sexual and relationship issues and is accountable to a professional organization that maintains a strict ethical code.

At this time, legislation in Ontario does not require therapists to maintain registration with BESTCO in order to offer or advertise themselves as providers of ‘sex therapy’. 

If you are considering working with a sex therapist, please refer to the BESTCO website for more information on how you can ensure that you are receiving the highest and most ethical standards of care available in Ontario today.


Not experiencing consistent interest in sex can cause confusion and worry, and make men vulnerable to making judgements against themselves.

As we mature, desire often becomes less spontaneous and is more responsive to dynamic factors in relationships.

Desire can also be affected by extraneous factors as well such as substance use, mental health issues, medical issues, or conflicted feelings about sexuality.

Time for Change

Understanding why you might be experiencing a loss of desire is key to developing strategies to cope. There is good reason to be hopeful that, with the help of a skilled therapist, you will be able to develop a better understanding of what helps both promote, and put the ‘brakes on’, desire for you in your relationships.

Change is possible.

It can be a difficult decision to seek treatment for sexual difficulties and it is important to seek treatment from an experienced, skilled and compassionate therapist. I welcome any questions you may have to support you to achieve better control.