Relationship Therapy

Relationship issues and conflict are a reality for many couples.


For some couples, this conflict may arise from difficulties with communication and result in the same types of arguments happening time and time again. 

For others, relationship challenges can result from a breach or betrayal of trust and making it hard for one or both partners to feel secure in the relationship.

Couple’s therapy can help you to:

  • Identify and correct frustrating and painful cycles of communication and conflict in your relationship,
  • Create safety and establish trust in your relationship through processing emotions in a safe and supportive environment,
  • Address issues related to trauma you might have experienced as a couple.

One’s experiences in their family of origin or with previous intimate relationships can impact relationships in the present. 

Relationship therapy can be an opportunity for couples to explore how factors, like their ability to form attachments, experiences of personal trauma or individual sexuality impact the dynamics of their relationship.

Rob is a member of both the Toronto Centre and the International Centre For Excellence in Emotion Focused Therapy.

EFT is a clinical proven, empirically validated model of relationship therapy.  EFT is grounded in the principles of attachment science and uses non-pathologizing experiential and relational systems techniques to focus on and change core cycles of conflict in relationships.


If your erectile dysfunction persists and it negatively impacts your sex life or how you feel about yourself, then treatment may be helpful.

Undiagnosed or chronic medical issues, such as diabetes or heart disease, can negatively impact your ability to become physically aroused.

Once any medical causes of erectile dysfunction has been 'ruled out', treatment with an experienced therapist can help you develop better control over your sexual functioning.

Time for Change

In therapy, you can develop a better understanding of what makes you vulnerable to experiencing erectile dysfunction. In addition to developing strategies to manage your erectile dysfunction, you can improve how you feel about yourself and your ability to satisfy your partners. This can include becoming more comfortable and confident talking about erectile dysfunction with your partners.

Change is possible.

It can be a difficult decision to seek treatment for sexual difficulties and it is important to seek treatment from an experienced, skilled and compassionate therapist. I welcome any questions you may have to support you to achieve better control.