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Let’s face it, we all feel pressure to ‘have it all’ in our lives.  However, we all find ourselves feeling that we’re ‘falling short’ of these expectations from time to time.

Relationship conflict, depression and anxiety and substance abuse can both cause, and result from, feelings of not ‘measuring up’ or from the toll that everyday stress can take on us.

In therapy, I’ll ask you to consider what you truly value in your life.  Do you value your relationship?  Your health? Your job?

Secondly, we’ll consider if your actions and behaviours are consistent with supporting and maintaining this value.

When our thoughts, feelings and actions aren’t supported by our values, we experience conflict within ourselves and with others.

Together, we can clarify your values and develop goals to foster behaviours that will support consistency between ‘what is important to you’ and ‘what you actually do’.


Additional Areas of Practice

In addition to providing treatment for difficulties with relationships, substance use and mood related issues, I am available for consultation in the following areas:

• understanding and coping with the illness or substance use of a loved one

• challenging and difficult family relationships

• personal growth and exploration

• coping with unexpected life transitions and events such as divorce or a loss of another meaningful relationship

Take the First Step Toward Change Today.

“Nothing happens until the pain of staying the same outweighs the pain of change”

– Arthur Burt –